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Merge the three csv files as one according to first coloumn.

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Merge the three csv files as one according to first coloumn.
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Merge the three csv files as one according to first coloumn.

I have three files with similar pattern i need to merge all the coloumns side by side from all three files according to the first coloumn example as shown below
I mentioned 5 coloumns only in example but i have around 15 coloumns in each file.






sample output:


could any one help me on this.

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# 2  
awk '
  (getline f<fn)>0 && (getline g<gn)>0 {
    for(i=2; i<=NF; i++)
      $i=$i OFS F[i] OFS G[i]
' FS=, OFS=, fn=file2 gn=file3 file1

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Above script worked but it is adding first line from the first file,second file, third file as one..
i need it as it should go check go look for ex:"GETcategoryCurrentData" from three files and write it as one row.
i can use sort but if rows are different from one file to other file then they may merge wrongly.

could you please help me in this scenario.

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Try this for merging data according to the field 1 values, trying to keep the order of lines to the first file's. It partly takes care of $1 values disappearing or newly occurring, but does not care for the order those appear in the output lines. For more convoluted input cases, additional measures need to be taken.
awk '
!F[$1]  {F[$1]    = $1
         C[++CNT] = $1
        {for (i=2; i<=NF;i++) T[$1,i] = T[$1,i] OFS $i
END     {for (j=1; j<=CNT; j++) {printf "%s", C[j]
                                 for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) printf "%s", T[C[j],i]
                                 printf ORS
 ' FS=, OFS=, file[1-3]

Be aware that your sample output file does NOT correctly reflect the input data!
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Thank You..It worked...!

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