Today (Saturday) We will make some minor tuning adjustments to MySQL.

You may experience 2 up to 10 seconds "glitch time" when we restart MySQL. We expect to make these adjustments around 1AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT) US.


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Don't leave people guessing, provide adequate info. Check your mysql manual:
- What does "ERROR 1" mean?
- What does "Errcode: 2" mean?

- What's the code in "line 1" that tries to "create/write" the files?

Do the necessary directories exist?
What be their permisions?
Can you create files in there by using shell commands?
Can other users create those files?
Show the results of your attempts.
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Here is a link to the error codes:

MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: B.3.1 Server Error Message Reference

Error number: 1002; Symbol: ER_NO; SQLSTATE: HY000

Message: NO

Used in the construction of other messages.

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