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Need ksh in cygwin

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Old 06-22-2019
Need ksh in cygwin

Hi All,

I have installed cygwin64 terminal. I would like to have ksh shell as well. But i dont find any ksh files in /bin dir of cygwin. Pl. help on how to install ksh in cygwin. Its for my training purpose.I am using windows 7 64 bit .
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Old 06-22-2019
The default shell in brand new cygwin is dash. That is what you have unless you've changed it to bash. Because: The newest version of Korn shell is not in the public domain. You cannot download it legally, AFAIK. dash is pretty close to ksh and I believe it is POSIX compliant. There are other available shells like this. Many have extensions you may or may not want. One match is pdksh - public domain version of ksh. The cygwin site has pdksh.

To make pdksh or dash invoke just like ksh create a symlink. Example:/bin/ksh -> /usr/bin/pdksh

See: Almquist shell - Wikipedia - go to the DASH section.

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Old 06-22-2019
I had the same issue/question awhile back...
After a bit of digging, I installed mksh which "links/hides" itself as ksh:
$ which ksh

$ ls -lrt /usr/bin/ksh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 LP-VGERSHKO-W7+vg_local LP-VGERSHKO-W7+None 8 Apr 19  2018 /usr/bin/ksh -> mksh.exe

man mksh yields:
MKSH(1)                   BSD General Commands Manual                  MKSH(1)

     mksh, sh - MirBSD Korn shell

     mksh [-+abCefhiklmnprUuvXx] [-T [!]tty | -] [-+o option] [-c string | -s
          | file [argument ...]]
     builtin-name [argument ...]

     mksh is a command interpreter intended for both interactive and shell
     script use.  Its command language is a superset of the sh(C) shell lan
     guage and largely compatible to the original Korn shell.  At times, this
     manual page may give scripting advice; while it sometimes does take por
     table shell scripting or various standards into account all information
     is first and foremost presented with mksh in mind and should be taken as

I don't quite remember if mksh was a separate Cygwin package or not...
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Old 06-23-2019
Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
The default shell in brand new cygwin is dash. That is what you have unless you've changed it to bash. Because: The newest version of Korn shell is not in the public domain.
When did the default shell become 'dash'?
I have searched the official CygWin site and can find nothing on it.

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