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Extract values based on parameters passing in arguments

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Extract values based on parameters passing in arguments

Based on arguments passing in command prompt values should fetch and store in new file.


sh 10 30 35 45


cut -c $1-$2,$3-$4 file_name >> file_new

Above sample passing 4 arguments.. but it may differ (sh 10 30 35 45 70 75 ) based on arguments to fetch without changing scripts.
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Making lots of wild assumptions about what operating system (and, therefore what type of shell is installed as sh, one might try something like the following:

if [ $# -lt 2 ]
then	printf 'Usage: %s low high [low high]...\n' "$IAm" >&2
	exit 1
shift 2
while [ $# -ge 2 ]
do	list=$list,$1-$2
	shift 2
cut -c "$list" file_name >> file_new

Obviously, you should add a check to verify that an odd number of arguments were not given and you might want to add an output pathname as a parameter instead of always appending to the file named file_new, but this should get you started.
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