How to have local shell variables in a ksh script seen on remove server in SSH block?

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to have local shell variables in a ksh script seen on remove server in SSH block?
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To get values back you'll have to print them and retrieve them in $( ) brackets.

VALUE=$(ssh username@host -s var1 var2 <<EOF
echo $VALUE

echo "Remote host sent VALUE=$VALUE"

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The return or exit code of the entire ssh construct is the one of the last command executed, so use it like you do with local ones.

You can use "command substitution", echo a remote variable, and assign its output to a (one) variable, eventually an array:
VARLOC=$(ssh .... echo ...)

Or, you can read several variables from a redirected "here document" or "here string" containing the "command substitution":
read VARA VARB VARC REST <<< $(ssh ... )

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