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Explanation around "+r" in egrep

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Explanation around "+r" in egrep


Is anyone able to shed some light on "+r"?

I know -r in grep refers to a recursive search - I am curious to know what +r specifies.

#show process pidin | utility egrep -e "[0-9]+r" count

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r -> just a char.
[0-9]+ -> extended regular expression matching number.

Can you show output of show process pidin, so we can see output before greping.

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Response to Peasant

Hi Peasant,

Here's the original output.
So I take this to mean match lines containing one or more numbers followed by the character r?

#show processes pidin
Mon Jun 17 09:16:27.826 EDT
     pid tid name               prio STATE       Blocked
       1   1 /procnto-smp-instr   0f RUNNING
       1   2 /procnto-smp-instr   0f RUNNING
       1   3 /procnto-smp-instr   0f RUNNING
       1   4 /procnto-smp-instr   0f READY
       1   5 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RUNNING
       1   6 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1   7 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1   8 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  10 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  11 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  13 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  16 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  17 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  18 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
       1  30 /procnto-smp-instr  10r RECEIVE     1
    8195   1 sbin/dllmgr         10r RECEIVE     4
    8195   2 sbin/dllmgr         10r NANOSLEEP
    8195   3 sbin/dllmgr         10r RECEIVE     1
    8195   4 sbin/dllmgr         10r RECEIVE     4
    8195   5 sbin/dllmgr         10r RECEIVE     4
   12290   1 in/wd-critical-mon  10r RECEIVE     1
   12290   2 in/wd-critical-mon  63r NANOSLEEP
   12290   3 in/wd-critical-mon  11r NANOSLEEP
   12290   4 in/wd-critical-mon  11r NANOSLEEP
   12290   5 in/wd-critical-mon  11r NANOSLEEP
   12290   6 in/wd-critical-mon  11r NANOSLEEP
   12290   7 in/wd-critical-mon  10r NANOSLEEP
   12290   8 in/wd-critical-mon  10r NANOSLEEP
   12290   9 in/wd-critical-mon  10r NANOSLEEP
   12290  10 in/wd-critical-mon  10r NANOSLEEP
   12295   1 pkg/bin/pkgfs       10r RECEIVE     1
   12295   2 pkg/bin/pkgfs       10r SIGWAITINFO
   12295   3 pkg/bin/pkgfs       10r RECEIVE     1
   12295   4 pkg/bin/pkgfs       10r RECEIVE     1
   12295   5 pkg/bin/pkgfs       10r RECEIVE     1
   12296   1 g/bin/devc-ser8250  10r RECEIVE     1
   12297   1 pkg/bin/devc-pty    10r RECEIVE     1
   12298   1 kg/bin/devc-conaux  16r RECEIVE     1
   12298   2 kg/bin/devc-conaux  16r SIGWAITINFO
   12298   3 kg/bin/devc-conaux  16r RECEIVE     5
   12298   4 kg/bin/devc-conaux  16r SEM         79ddc7c4
   12298   5 kg/bin/devc-conaux  21r INTR

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Originally Posted by sand1234
Hi Peasant,

Here's the original output.
So I take this to mean match lines containing one or more numbers followed by the character r?


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