Grep last 5 mins from logs

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Grep last 5 mins from logs

system date format
Thu Jun 13 12:55:18 EDT 2019

My log date format

Code: - - [01/May/2019:00:08:22 -0400] "GET /akamai/sureroute-test-object.html HTTP/1.1" 404 231

can someone please help me, how to get last 5mins of logs please ? I need the command

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Mod Comment Please wrap your samples/codes in CODE TAGS, look your samples now how they are wrapped up in tags.

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It all depends on: what OS you are running. There are multiple possibilities, some simple, some not simple.
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Im using Ubuntu

--- Post updated at 07:28 PM ---

something simple would be appreciated
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Originally Posted by scazed
Im using Ubuntu

--- Post updated at 07:28 PM ---

something simple would be appreciated
What have you tried to solve this problem on your own?

Have you looked at any of the threads at the bottom of this page that show other threads that discuss similar topics? Don't any of them meet your needs? If not, what is missing?
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