Sub-folder in share disappears when mounting to other server

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Sub-folder in share disappears when mounting to other server
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I think this might be a limitation of Solaris that doesn't allow you to cascade NFS mounts.

Some Linux versions implement a crossmnt option in /etc/exports to specifically allow this kind of 'route through' of NFS mounts.

I'm still thinking about this one.
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Have you considered using solaris cluster on server 1 and server 2 with VIP address ?
Do you have shared storage (FC, ISCSI ?)

If i correctly understood your problems / story, i would suggest back to the drawing board...

Is this what are you trying to do :

        |            |
        |   SERVER1  |
        |            |
        |/nfs/share1 ---------------*
        *------------*              |
                                    |   *---------------------------------------*
                                    |   |                                       |
                                    |   |       SERVER 3                        |
                                    |   |                                       |
                                    *--->server1:/nfs/shareX/share1 [nfs mount] |
                                *------->server2:/nfs/shareX/share2 [nfs mount] |
                                |       |/nfs/shareX/[nfs export]------------------->-->--> [various number of nfs clients]
                                |       |                                       |
                                |       *---------------------------------------*
        *------------*          |
        |            |          |
        |   SERVER2  |          |
        |            |          |
        |/nfs/share2 -----------*

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@Peasant: Yes, that's what i'm looking for!
What's the advantage of solaris cluster?
No shared storage.

@hicksd8: there's no file/folder /etc/exports

For info: the data on server 1 and 2 are all temporary images (between 25.000 and 50.000 / day - .tiff, .eps or .ps files) and will be deleted after +/- 14 days, so no need to make it complicated and no need for backups. Smilie
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