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1000 sleep commands on a Linux Server impact?

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1000 sleep commands on a Linux Server impact?

Hi All,
I have a shell script, at one point it try to ping a server in our organization network, if ping fail it will wait for an hour using sleep command and try to run the script again from the beginning.

I'm wondering what could be the possible impact on my Linux server if 1000 sleep commands execute at a same time to wait for an hour. Will this have performance issues and Applications installed on the Linux server get impacted due to this issue ? What is the maximum CPU and Memory 1000 sleep commands can possibly take on server, please share your opinion.

Best Regards,
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Why not run it as a cron job once per hour. Create a marker file of some kind to indicate the results of the previous attempt.
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The sleep commands itself do not consume significant resources. The sleeping commands (i.e. the shell) take some memory of course (where a bash consumes more than a dash).
And - if they all wake up at the same time then a big CPU peak will occur.
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@Jgt thanks for your response. I can't decide the script to trigger at a particular time, the script initiate depending on the unavailability of a Application component. Whenever there is a problem in the Application component this script auto detect and execute.

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@ MadeinGermany thank you for responding. Can you brief what is menat by "And - if they all wake up at the same time then a big CPU peak will occur" ??
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What about using the 'at' command to restart a failed attempt.
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I mean a 1000 sleeping processes is no problem, but you should wake them up one by one, at least a small quantity (say 10) at a time.

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