Colorful message is displayed in the terminal but not in the log file

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Old 05-25-2019
Colorful message is displayed in the terminal but not in the log file

Is there any way to print the colorful message in the terminal (which is the output of a simulation) to the log file with the same color.

The colorful message at the terminal is obtained by the following codes:

/////////////codes start here///////////////////////////////////////

  `define display_red $write("%c[0m",27);  $write("%c[1;31m",27);  $display
  `define display_reset_color $write("%c[0m",27);  $display
  module macro_test;
  initial begin
    `display_red(*******This is red*******);

/////////////codes end here///////////////////////////////////////

The output is colorful (red) in the terminal.
However, the same output is not obtained in the log file (e.g. irun.log) created by a typical cadence simulator.

gvim version is 7.4

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Old 05-26-2019
Did you check to see if the the escape codes made it to irun.log
od -c irun.log | more

-I would guess they did not.
Which means the code that actually runs your script in the application is tty-aware. It knows if the output device is a file or a terminal.

It would also help us if you gave us your OS name and version, your shell, and the application (name and version) that your script sits on top of. Assuming you want a correct answer. My answer above is a guess.
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Old 05-26-2019
The outputs in irun.log file is enclosed as a file named as log_output.png and the outputs of in the terminal is enclosed as a file named as terminal_output.png.
Here are the other details:
OS version: linux:86 
xrun version: XCELIUM/19.03.003

Steps to be followed in order to reproduce the error:
Step 1: save the code in a file named as
Step 2: command to run in the terminal:
xrun -clean

Colorful message is displayed in the terminal but not in the log file-log_outputpng
Colorful message is displayed in the terminal but not in the log file-terminal_outputpng
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Old 05-26-2019
adding the latest log_output.png file
# 5  
Old 05-26-2019
Attached the latest log_output.png file.
Colorful message is displayed in the terminal but not in the log file-log_outputpng
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Old 05-28-2019
Can anyone please help me out.
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