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AIX version selection

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Old 06-05-2019
Originally Posted by Phat
I'm still concerning about the naming of it. Could you give me some info about the names like: AIX TL support, PowerHA, PowerVM.
TL = technical level
You have versions and releases and i suppose you know about these. Below this are "technical levels", which (very roughly) correspond to what is known as a "service pack" in WIndows: a lot of bugfixes and minor corrections made over time bundled into a "mini-release". Back then these have been called "maintenance levels" ("ML"), which was basically the same, but IBM is in the habit of renaming anything every few years.

Get the current TL by issuing (as root):

instfix -i | grep AIX_TL

Note, that the oslevel command only shows the latest completely installed TL. If you have parts of a newer TL installed it will show in the instfix command, but not in oslevel. See the pinned thread in the AIX forum for details.

PowerHA = SystemMirror = HACMP
Seaking about renaming things: this is the cluster software for AIX and - see above - known under quite a few names. All these names describe exactly the same product, just renamed. The AIX cluster is a very reliable, very stable, very versatile piece of software, but rather costly. Still, i would rely for mission-critical systems on nothing else, it is money well invested. If done and maintained correctly we are talking about the type of systems where one outage every ten years is considered shoddy work.

PowerVM = the IBM hypervisor
This is the IBM hypervisor and basis of IBMs virtualisation. It is way faster than anything else in the market and with unparalleled data throughput, but it supports Linux only as LPAR. You can use PowerKVM (the KVM implementation on Power) instead, but then only Linux containers/LPARs are supported and it is slower than PowerVM. Basically PowerVM is (built into the hardware and used by) the VIOS, the HMC and their workings.

Originally Posted by Phat
I can guess that PowerVM is VIOS iso. But not sure about these others and purposes.
See above, not quite, although VIOS is a part of it.

I hope this helps.

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Old 06-06-2019

PowerHA = SystemMirror = HACMP
So, if I would to go with HACMP, I have to download this version. It's not possible to install it from scratch on the fresh new AIX(If I install my AIX before with standard/ TL version)
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Old 06-06-2019
PowerVM is "POWER Virtual Machines" and the VIOS is an important component. The POWER firmware is also a component, and back in POWER5 times, there was a component that emulated Intel x286 instructions - on the fly.

AIX TL support - AIX Technology Level Support, more frequently TL-SP - Technology Level Service Pack

PowerHA - POWER High Availability - also know as HACMP (High Availability Cluster Management Protocol), or as SystemMirror.

As to upgrade - I agree that staying with AIX 7.1 is better than a leap to AIX 7.2 - there are also a lot of packaging changes that just make it 'different' from what is was for decennia.

I also recommend you visit the FLRT site (Fix Level Recommendation Tool) - FLRT - Fix Level Recommendation Tool

--- Post updated at 02:52 PM ---

Hmm - still getting used to the new interface - such big fonts - nice for my sore eyes Smilie

Anyway - I saw too late the abbreviations had been described.

Hope all is well!
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Old 06-06-2019
Hey, Michael! Great to see you back again!

Originally Posted by MichaelFelt
As to upgrade - I agree that staying with AIX 7.1 is better than a leap to AIX 7.2 - there are also a lot of packaging changes that just make it 'different' from what is was for decennia.
M-a-n-y t-h-a-n-k-s !! This is what i was what i just tried to tell some, ahem, colleagues (for lack of a more fitting term) after sitting through them showing us some copied marketing material (you probably know the type: "live update ability: AIX 7.1 no, AIX 7.2 yes", etc.. We don't even have LPM and we don't know what this "live update" is anyway, but we want the product with more bullets in the bullet list.) I am glad to see this my personal impression confirmed by someone else.

My personal impression (based only on my own experience) is that 7.2 is going to be similar to 5.2 (and 4.2.x before that): they changed many things in AIX back then and they are changing a lot of things now, It takes time for these new feature to mature and this is why i shy away from all the 7.2 TLs and use 7.1.x instead for now. I suppose once they bring AIX 7.3 (or however it will be named, maybe AIX 8) it will perhaps be with all these features and stable too.

Originally Posted by MichaelFelt
I also recommend you visit the FLRT site (Fix Level Recommendation Tool) - FLRT - Fix Level Recommendation Tool
Very good advice, indeed.

All the best and i hope this helps.

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