Versioning up a file with initials?

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Versioning up a file with initials?

I have this code that works great ...


for file in "$@"
        num=${num#$zeroes}      #remove leading zeros, or it uses octal
        new=$(printf '%sv%04d.%s' "$base" "$num" "$ext")
        cp -nv "$file" "$new"

Now I need it to work with a file that has two characters after the version number.

I've tried just about everything I know to get this to work but it seems the characters get picked up as part of the number.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.
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You could try adding these intermediate steps after num=${base##*v} to remove trailing characters after the last digit (what you call "initials"):

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That works but I lose the "initials."
The file produced is 098_FGT_550_comp_v0003.nk

Once I get this working, several different people will be using it, so I need it to restore the initials.
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Not sure where the problem is:
printf '%sv%04d%s.%s' "$base" "$num" "$initials" "$ext"

Your three digit version number has become four digit with your printf format.

Or, why not (provided you have a recent bash or ksh)

ARR=( $file )
echo cp "$file" "$(printf '%sv%04d%s.%s\n' "${ARR[0]}" "$((10#${ARR[1]%%[^0-9]*} + 1))" "${ARR[1]##*[0-9]}" ${ARR[-1]})"
cp 098_FGT_550_comp_v002gp.nk 098_FGT_550_comp_v0003gp.nk

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Originally Posted by scribling
That works but I lose the "initials."
The file produced is 098_FGT_550_comp_v0003.nk

Once I get this working, several different people will be using it, so I need it to restore the initials.
With the intermediate steps I suggested, the "initials" are saved in the initials variable, so you can use them wherever you please.
So try:
new=$(printf '%sv%04d%s.%s' "$base" "$num" "$initials" "$ext")

If they need to go somewhere else, then please specify the end result.

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That works great!
Thank you.

It seems to easy now that I see it done correctly.
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