Sed: -e expression #1, char 20: unterminated address regex

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Sed: -e expression #1, char 20: unterminated address regex

I am trying to add word in last of particular line.
the same command syntex is running on prompt. but in bash script give error."sed: -e expression #1, char 20: unterminated address regex"

Please help.

for i in `cat servername`;
ssh -q -t root@$i  sed -i '/simple_allow_groups =/s/$/, group-name1/' /etc/sssd/sssd.conf

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Just a shot in the dark: try enclosing the entire sed command in double quotes.
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I'm with Rudi. When I have problems trying something like a complex sed command over ssh because of quoting
1. make a note of my current shell - let's say it is bash
2. play with my command on one "home" box.
3. once I got it working at "home":
paste the command into a simple two line shell script, let's call it
[paste required external env variables here if needed]
[paste command here]

4. automate it:
for i in `cat servername`
   scp myusername@$i /tmp/
   ssh myusername@$i 'chmod +x /tmp/ && /tmp/'

This looks like a lot of work. It is not. But when you execute a complex remote one-liner command it can mess up by being garbled by ssh and your command line or wrong environment variable settings. Explaining to management why your script trashed 10 servers is a whole lot more work and time consuming.
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Why scp? The script can be passed via stdin to the remote shell.
for i in `cat servername`
   ssh "myusername@$i" /bin/bash <

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