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Splitting the file based on two fields - Fixed length file

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Splitting the file based on two fields - Fixed length file

Hi ,
I am having a scenario where I need to split the file based on two field values. The file is a fixed length file.
K 0998703000000000000190510095351019500020005101480         
L 03387033683963683961905101144500196000200051012803        
I O553203000000000000190510120433019700010005101980301

Split based on 4th position to 4 char (9987) and 21st to 6 char(190510)

So, in the above example there will be 3 files generated.

I tried with the below command,
awk '{ F=substr($0,4,4)".txt"; print $0 >> F; close(F) }' filename

But it splits only on the first set, I need to do it with the combination of both sub strings.

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It makes it easier to read and preserves white space which is important for indenting or fixed-width data.

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Hi, try so
awk '
/^.{3}9987.{14}190510/  {print >"file1"}
/^.{3}3387.{14}190510/  {print >"file2"}
/^.{3}5532.{14}190510/  {print >"file3"}
' file

# 3  
awk '{ F=substr($0,4,4) "_" substr($0,21,6) ".txt"; print $0 >> F; close(F) }' filename

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# 4  
awk '{print > gensub(/^.{3}(.{4}).{14}(.{6}).*/, "\\1_\\2", 1)".txt"}'

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With bash builtins:
outfile="" prefile=""
while IFS= read line
  if [ "$outfile" != "$prefile" ]
    exec >>"$outfile"
  echo "$line"
done < filename

It tries to reduce the number of open() calls.
The same is achieved in awk by minimizing the close()
awk '{ F=substr($0,4,4) "_" substr($0,22,6) ".txt"; print $0 >> F } F!=PF { close(PF); PF=F }' filename

If there are not too many output files, do not close (and re-open) them at all:
awk '{ F=substr($0,4,4) "_" substr($0,22,6) ".txt"; print $0 > F }' filename

It allows overwriting the files because there is only one open() per file (awk does it automatically at the first write).
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