Have below input file and need the output as in output file

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Have below input file and need the output as in output file

Hi Geeks,

Have below input file and need the output

Input File

Uber: ABC=Pqrstuv ABC2 abc pqr , G=Pqrstuv Inc, CC=US
Uber: ABC=Indiana (Automobile Business 2119), G=Indiana Group, CC=UK
Uber: EMAIL=indiana@group2020.gc, ABC=indiana 2020 AC, GC=Products and Solutions
Uber: ABC=Gitamo Agencies Depot, GC=Trustme, G=Indiana, CC=IE
Uber: ABC=COMODO ECO Company, G=COMODO AC Limited, L=Salford
Uber: ABC=Gitamo Agencies Depot, GC=Trustme, G=Indiana, CC=IE

How to get the output like below which is the highlighted part on Input File
1. Without any spaces and brackets
2.As Gitamo Agencies Depot occured twice in input file so first value is printed as it is but on next time it appers _1 is appended to it and if agin it appears _2 and so on should be appended

Output File

IndianaAutomobile Business 2119


Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment
Please wrap all code, files, input & output/errors in CODE tags.
It makes it easier to read and respects white-space for indenting or fixed-width data.

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How far have you gotten on your own?
Where exactly are you stuck?
This User Gave Thanks to vgersh99 For This Post:
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sed 's/.*ABC=\([^,]*\).*/\1/' file

mentioned questions help you better understand what you was the mistake
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