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Old 05-09-2019
The bold video_id IS the column value from the table.

Do you REALLY want the string constant '.655.' (with two enclosing dots), or the integer video ID?

What is the output of your above select, and what if '.655.' is replaced by video_id?
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Old 05-09-2019
No sure whether or not it will make a difference, but maybe you can give a try enclosing column name in back tick like `column_name`
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Old 05-09-2019
I think I've found the root cause.
When I was about to post this thread, I supposed that the code was not grabbing video_id from related line as I received error. Now I see I have to change the lasting part of the code :
....WHERE url like '%" $1 "%.mkv';"}

....WHERE url like '" $1 "%.mkv';"}

....WHERE url like '" $1 ".mkv';"}

Let's say: if $1 is It, the code finds many matching lines in '%It%.mkv'
If the value in $1 is, it returns with error as there are double entries.

I will post the result later on as my database needs to be repaired.

Thank you
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Old 05-09-2019
Changed the last part with exact match like shown below and no need to create a second query to grab video_id:
.....WHERE url = 'http://localhost/test/" $1 ".mkv';"}

What I still do not know is how it grabs video_id as value in SELECT field.
I did not tell it to read video_id where $1 matches.
I supposed that I should have created a second query to grab it which was the main purpose of the thread.

Thank You All
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Old 05-09-2019
Originally Posted by baris35
.....WHERE url = 'http://localhost/test/" $1 ".mkv';"}
I was about to ask why you were using the LIKE condition...

I did not tell it to read video_id where $1 matches.
No? What is the result of these selects:

SELECT  video_id FROM video_series_files WHERE url = '';
SELECT  video_id, 'sub', 'custom' FROM video_series_files WHERE url = '';
 SELECT '.105.', video_id, 'sub', 'custom', 'http://localhost/test/', 'a:1:{i:0;s:2:"en";}', '', '1', '1' FROM video_series_files WHERE url = '';

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Old 05-09-2019
Hello Rudic,
Without testing, I can say that it will not return any result because there should be http://% like this:
url = '';
Maybe I am wrong..

If the last occupied row id is 100, I run it like this:
{print  "INSERT INTO video_series_files (id, video_id, file_type, protocol, url, languages, \
quality, accessed ,status )"
        " SELECT '." ++CNT ".', video_id, 'sub', 'custom', \
'http://localhost/test/" $1 "." $2 "." $3 "', 'a:1:{i:0;s:2:\"" $2 "\";}', '', '1', '1' \
FROM video_series_files WHERE url = 'http://localhost/" $1 ".mkv';"}

Then I run:
awk -vCNT=$counter -fbarisprep 2 > barisprep.sql

grep -A0 "INSERT" barisprep.sql > 1.sql
sed -i '/--/d' 1.sql
cat 1.sql |  awk '/101/{count++; { sub("101",count+100, $0)}; }; {print }' > barisprep.sql
mysql -uroot -D mydatabase -pmypasswd -sN  < barisprep.sql

Thank you

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