Bash script does not work as expected

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# 1  
Bash script does not work as expected

Repeat this text in a file named notes.txt and run the script
Before bash is a good language a blank line appears
Also, the following notes are displayed incorrectly
What is bad?

Title   : Note 1
Category: Computer
Date    : 2019-04-28 17:34:19
BASH is good language

 while : ; do
 read line1
 read tit
 read line2
 read cat
 read dat
 read line3
 while [ "$not" != "==================================" ]; do
  read not
 read nro1
 read nro2
# note.tmp
 echo "$line1" >note.tmp
 echo "$tit" >>note.tmp
 echo "$line2" >>note.tmp
 echo "$cat" >>note.tmp
 echo "$dat" >>note.tmp
 echo "$line3" >>note.tmp
 echo "$note" >>note.tmp
 echo "$nro1" >>note.tmp
 echo "$nro2" >>note.tmp
 cat note.tmp
 read -p "Press enter to continue" jj </dev/tty
done <notes.txt

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment
Please wrap all code, data/files, input & output/errors in CODE tags.
It makes them easier to read and preservces spacing for indented code or fixed-width data.

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# 2  
echo -ne "$note" >>note.tmp

--- Post updated at 07:32 ---

For what's here infinite "while" ?

--- Post updated at 07:48 ---

read -p "Press enter to continue" jj </dev/tty

there is option -u
read -p "Press enter to continue" -u 1 jj

while :: do
done < notes.txt

Totally pointless loop
Then it's better
while [ "$jj" != q ]; do
} < notes.txt
read -p "Press enter to continue" jj
echo "Start over"
sleep 2

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# 3  
infinite while is because the notes can have 1, 2 or more lines, until find the fourth line with equal signs.
Thank you
# 4  
The following appends even the first line as a new line, so the initial empty string becomes an empty line:
 while [ "$not" != "==================================" ]; do
  read not

You must either branch on a state variable (e.g. $firstrun), or use the "$separator variable" trick as follows:
 note="" sep=""
  read not &&
  [ "$not" != "==================================" ]

EDIT: I have changed the oder of read and [ ]. Otherwise one must initialize not="" (or it might have the value from a previous cycle).

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