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How to put a 80 character limit on a long topic line in markdown?

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to put a 80 character limit on a long topic line in markdown?
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How to put a 80 character limit on a long topic line in markdown?

I have a topic line in markdown that spans more than 80 characters that i need to add a line break. Markdown is simply treating the line break as a brand new line instead of continuing as a topic line.

# This is a very long

Markdown interprets it as

This is a very long

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What operating system are you using?

What shell are you using?

What does the documentation for markdown say the format is for a topic line. If we assume that a topic line is indeed a line, what makes you think that you can convince markdown that a topic line is split across two lines?
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Writing this one up for a gitlab project wiki page.
Documentation is sparse on this topic GitLab Markdown | GitLab.
But based on how you questioned, i am guessing it is not possible to split a header line and for this one i may to live with not wrapping the line as needed per the coding guidelines of the project.
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I think it makes a difference to inform us what platform you are using markdown:

Installation from source

One approach would be to examine the source code and then decide how to proceed.

Edit: The source above is for Git, not specific to markdown (probably not relevant)
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Also, from the GitLabs Markdown page:


If this is not rendered correctly


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