How to Dump data into CSV file which is Separate by <tab>?

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How to Dump data into CSV file which is Separate by <tab>?

Dear Team,
please help me to solve this problem using Linux command. I want to dump this data into an excel sheet,
Suppose I have a string like:


then I expect output as a

ABC        XYZ
PQR        ASD

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pr -mts$'\t' <(sed '/^$/,$d' file) <(sed '1,/^$/d' file)

a different order would be easier
fmt file | column -t

But I understand the elementary example has a more complex structure?

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paste  <(sed '/^$/,$d' file) <(sed '1,/^$/d' file)

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awk '
BEGIN           {i=0}
!/^$/           {BUF[i] = BUF[i] sp $0; i+=1}
/^$/            {i=0; sp = "\t"}
END             {for (i in BUF) print BUF[i]}
' file

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In case your column count isn't always two or the row count isn't the same in all columns, you could also try:
awk '
BEGIN {	ncol = row = 0
/^$/ {	ncol++
	if(row > maxrow)
		maxrow = row
	row = 0
{	d[row++, ncol] = $0
END {	if(row > maxrow)
		maxrow = row
	for(row = 0; row < maxrow; row++)
		for(col = 0; col <= ncol; col++)
			printf("%s%s", d[row, col],
			    (col == ncol) ? "\n" : "\t")
}' file

which with your sample input file produces the output:

And, if given an input file that contains:



produces the output:
ABC	XYZ	c2r0
PQR	ASD	c2r1
c0r2	c1r2	c2r2
	c1r3	c2r3

If someone else wants to try this on a Solaris/SunOS system, change awk in the code above to /usr/xpg4/bin/awk or nawk.
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thank you so much its work for me
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