Logs to be gzipped

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Old 4 Days Ago
Logs to be gzipped

Dear Friends,

I need to zip all the file in the log folder with date and time, except current days files and files with .gz extension.

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What have you come up with so far?
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Old 4 Days Ago
Well there are many options, then it depends of your architecture as unix command argument may differ, so for a start you should tell on what OS you are dealing with and the shell you use only we are not going to do the work for you as you will learn nothing, as all the people I know except a very few, we tend to be lazy and look for the most obvious and easy way out:
For that it means to see the content of that log directory as if there are only 2 files of the day why should we bother using the command find (IMHO I am guilty if others dont agree Smilie ) as for a newbie that command seems to have an obscure and complicated syntax, then see how many .gz files we have...
How would you do that?
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