With sed replaced special character is printed twice, why?

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With sed replaced special character is printed twice, why?

Dear all,
I was wondering If you could help me out.
I Am using a batch script to midfy some text files.


Amongst others I use this line:
REM I want to replace all lines that start with a 6-digit Number with a ftp command "get" followed by a path and the 6-digit number.
call N:\Tools\sed.exe "s/\([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\)/     \"get \/LADIDADI\/ds01005\/\1\" ^/"


     "get /LADIDADI/ds01005/912856" \^^
     "get /LADIDADI/ds01005/912857" \^^
     "get /LADIDADI/ds01005/912904" \^^

This works somehow but the special character "^" is printed twice and I do not know how to correct that.

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Welcome to the forum.

I can't reproduce the behaviour that you show. With "sed (GNU sed) 4.5" it just prints one caret ^ , not an escaped plus an unescaped caret, which I presume is exactly what you want.

Is that a cygwin (or similar) on a windows system? I don't know the peculiarities of that implementation... any chance to deploy another version / tool?

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Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks RudiC for the warm welcome.

I use the unix tool set from sourceforge.net.
Do you have any recommendation for a unix tool set for windows?
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Hi Michael,

as far as I remember from my Windows-Times ages before, there are

UnxUtils download | SourceForge.net


Maybe there are different Options now. Ask your friend google.


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Welcome Michael Smilie
Yes, it must be a problem that is specific to your environment.
Perhaps it treats a ^ character special? Try to escape it: \^ or ^^

You better chose another delimiter, then the / character does not conflict:
sed "s#\([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\)#     \"get /LADIDADI/ds01005/\1\" \^#"

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Thanks madeInGermany

Thanks, but I still get the same result. Smilie
What I try to do is to create an FTP Batch File that transfers only a limited list of folders.
I use WinScp for the connection and now I fail in editing the "get" commands for each line which I need to end with the ^ character so the next line is interpreted.
I added two images. one shows the files I want to edit and the the is the result of my sed command.

Any help appreciated.
With sed replaced special character is printed twice, why?-before_getfiles_ftpbatpng
With sed replaced special character is printed twice, why?-after_getfiles_ftppng
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If you can't change tools, I'm afraid you have to experiment. Does that duplication happen to other characters as well? Does it happen in the last position only? Is it an output artifact only, perhaps? Can you remove the last character by an additional sed command?
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