BMW GT1 DIS - SCO 5.0 and Oracle 7 Root HDD Clone - IBM T30

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Old 03-10-2019
BMW GT1 DIS - SCO 5.0 and Oracle 7 Root HDD Clone - IBM T30

Greeting All
Diag tool HDD clone SCO 5 + Oracle 7 DB ( IBM T30 )

I am new to this forum and my knowledge on computers OS is average .

I have just acquired a factory diag tool for BMW/RR/MINI from a retired mechanic. Its runs on a IBM T30 laptop with a Unix/Oracle DB system. Sco 5 Unix and Oracle 7DB.

The tool is working find and since he did not have the original DVD , I am wondering if it is possible to clone the internal HDD so I can have a safe copy incase it gets damaged.

I pulled out the HDD and its is a 60GB disc. Attach the pic and below link of the start up and shutdown process i just loaded . ( Under youtube search BMW Software GT1 Startup )

Any pointers on what is possible would be much appreciated.

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Old 03-10-2019
Well if you find the exact same hard disk, and find any means to plug it onto your T70 you may use the dd utility to make an exact copy ... it works also if the disk is bigger only you loose the difference...
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Old 03-10-2019
Thanks VBE for the quick reply . The issue is there is no way to get to command line during the startup or shutdown process. To startup all you do is power the IBM T30 laptop with all interface connected and it goes thru the SCO and Oracle 7 startup and the BMW GT1 menu appears. To shutdown all you do is once you end all diagnostic back to Main menu , you enter Ctrl+Alt+F1 and type "shut" at the logon promot. It then goes thru the shutdown process and powers off the T30.

Is there a way to safely interrupt the startup and go into single user mode and do a DD command. There is no time the system even goes to command line .

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Old 03-11-2019
I don't know the IBM T30 nor the SW system (SCO / Oracle 7) you have in front of you, but any *nix system allows for booting into "single mode" which is a root terminal session. Early in the boot process it offers a menu option, or a key (combination) must be pressed, to get there.
You could try to boot from another medium, "live" CD, or USB stick.
You could perform a "discectomy" (surgically remove) the HD and connect it as a secondary device to another computer, and do the copy there.

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Old 03-11-2019
There are several issues you will have to deal with.
The first: do you have the root password? you will not be able to start the machine in single user mode without it.
Second: this machine has an IDE hard drive which will be difficult to replace.
Third: what is the actual release of SCO? The release number should be 5.0.? where ? is probably 5 through 7.

This manual may help
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Old 03-11-2019
Originally Posted by RudiC
You could try to boot from another medium, "live" CD, or USB stick.
You could perform a "discectomy" (surgically remove) the HD and connect it as a secondary device to another computer, and do the copy there.
This is what i was also thinking i.e boot a Ubuntu 16.04LTS USB stick on another laptop computer with both drives connected ( current T30 IDE 60GB and new IDE Drive ).

I assume you must used same controller type i.e IDE on the other computer and not USB slots with old and drive attached ? or does it matter. ? I have a HP laptop with 4 usb port. ( I will get some enclosures and cables to house this IDE HDD)

I will give this a go if its possible using Ubuntu DD cmd to disc copy the SCO 5.0.5/Oracle 7 HDD.

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Old 03-12-2019
The good news is that you can replace the IDE disk with a SATA disk or SSD. The bad news; neither is likely to fit in the T30 case.
It has occurred to me that your notebook is not the original hardware for the following reasons:
SCO 5.0.5 was superseded by 5.0.6 prior to 1999, and 5.0.5 does not reliably run on pentium 4 systems.
You can switch to a SATA drive, as long as the motherboard bios supports the drive in legacy mode (emulating an iDE controller.)
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