BMW GT1 DIS - SCO 5.0 and Oracle 7 Root HDD Clone - IBM T30

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Will try a few thing this weekend and also found a clone utility called clonezilla . Made a bootable clonezilla .i686 USB stick last night and it would use DD cmd for unsupported OS/file system which I think this SCO 5 HDD is. Local computer store just dont do these laptop IDE HDD anymore and only sATA HDD. I will clone on a sATA disc and see if it would boot by changing its boot source on the T30 bios. again appreciate all the advice rgds Don
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To shutdown all you do is once you end all diagnostic back to Main menu , you enter Ctrl+Alt+F1 and type "shut" at the logon promot. It then goes thru the shutdown process and powers off the T30.

This suggests that there is a user called 'shut' with password set to none, and the shutdown command is embedded in the user's .profile.
You might try entering "root" at the login prompt to see if a password is required. On the unlikely chance that it also does not have a password, you should end up with a # prompt; otherwise you will just get repeated requests for the password.
If clonezilla does not work for you, you can try HDClone HDClone 5.0.7 - Download
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