How to identify users that have su'ed to a different account?

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How to identify users that have su'ed to a different account?

Hello and thanks in advance for anyone that can offer me any help with this!

I'm trying to figure out a quick & easy way to see a list of everyone's effective user id... I would have thought 'w' or 'who' would be able to display if someone had switched user accounts... but it's only showing the real user ID they logged in with.

Once against... thanks for any help!
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How about ps with the "euid" output "standard format specifier"? man ps:

euid EUID effective user ID (alias uid).
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Maybe that
getent passwd nez
getent group wheel qemu
getent initgroups nez
>nez                   10 107 983 1000

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In Linux you can do
pstree -pu

A process name is followed by (pid,newuser) if the user was changed to newuser.
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