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How to check via SSH and credentials if file on remote server exists?

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Originally Posted by Jens885544
But maybe you can give me a hint: I now build in the working code into my script. The script does a foreach on 7000 files. Is it a recommended way to do
"if ssh '' stat $FILETOCHECK \> /dev/null 2\>\&1"
on every file? I ask because to me it looks like it builds then 7000 times a ssh connection.
Is there a way to build it once and then check the files?
I'd have a local file with 7,000 filenames in it:

And run ssh once:

ssh username@host 'while read -r FILE ; do [ -e "$FILE" ] && echo "$FILE exists" || echo "$FILE missing" ; done' < fileslist

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For that many files, an ssh connection for every single one is pointless unless they all are on different servers. Should they be on one or few servers, and you just need to check their existence, why not use the sftp command, which is part of the ssh suite, to get a remote directory listing and evaluate that locally? Like
sftp user@host <<< "ls -1 $DIRTOCHECK" > filesonserver

If there are more than one remote directories to be searched, try using a "batchfile" containing the ls commands for the target directories, like
sftp -b batchfile user@host  > filesonserver

After that, on the local node, you can compare the results against the list of necessary files.

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