Rearranging the column

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Rearranging the column

I have a text file like this, I would like to rearrange the first column (Name) according to the third column(percentage)in descending order. I mean methionine with the highest percentage should be the first one to appear under the name column. But I also want to exclude the headers from this rearrangement. How can I do this?

Name                   Number           Percentage
Alanine                    5                         7.8
Thymine                  7.8                       3.7
Methionine            10.2                      8.3

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tail +1 myFile | sort -nr -k3,3

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The sort might also need the -b flag to ignore multiple blanks. I don't think this needed on all OSes, but you don't tell us what you are using. The output from uname -a would be useful for clarity in all posts.

I hope that this helps if the above suggestion doesn't immediately work,

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