Restore .dmg containing multiple partitions to bootable USB flash drive

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If the dd from the hard drive successfully copied both slices to the destination file and you then successfully copied that file to your flash drive, one might guess that the partition table on your flash drive was expecting the partition where your second filesystem was mounted to be at a different place on the flash drive than where dd placed it.

That is why I asked how you partitioned your flash drive. If at least the first partitions on the partitions on both the source and destination drives are not the same size, the position of the 2nd partition on the flash drive will not be located where mount will see it as the root of that filesystem.

On the other hand, if you copy the filesystems separately, each filesystem will be copied onto the flash drive at the locations that fit the partition table for that flash drive and everything is likely to work (just as you are seeing in your experiments).
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Originally Posted by RudiC
Pls show e.g. your dd commands (to and fro).
Thank you for your reply. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

I don't remember exactly what my commands to create the image were. However, when I mount the image with my Mac it shows up as two different volumes which is how the original disk was formatted.

Here is the code I use to write the image to my uninitialized flash drive.
sudo dd if=/Volumes/Drobo/Installers/macOS\ installs/installmojave.dmg of=/dev/disk5

The result from dd:
11813828+1 records in
11813828+1 records out
6048680362 bytes transferred in 4055.983771 secs (1491298 bytes/sec)

Though running this dd command takes over an hour, the disk still ends up uninitialized. When I give it a formatted disk, it only writes the first volume in the disk image and not the second.

Any thoughts?
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Where exactly does your if=/dev/INSTALLERDRIVE in post #8 point to?

Setting dd's blocksize to, say, 1MB or two in lieu of the default 512 byte would drastically reduce the transfer time.
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Originally Posted by RudiC
Where exactly does your if=/dev/INSTALLERDRIVE in post #8 point to?
It's an uninitialized USB flash drive.

Originally Posted by RudiC
Setting dd's blocksize to, say, 1MB or two in lieu of the default 512 byte would drastically reduce the transfer time.
Okay I'll give that a try.
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