Help with the code to do automatic task in plink

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Help with the code to do automatic task in plink


I am newbie tothis forum and also to unix.
i wa shownt help in giving me a acceptable code so that i could add it as batch to be included in the task scheduler.
i use plink and putty to login to my router.
With this i get to the $, linux prompt
there i have to issue a command show status to get my router status.
i could go up to the $ prompt but not go further.
on seeing the dir at $ prompt, there is a show and inside it, i could see the status
if i issue in cmd by using the above commands i get to the actual details of my status on the router like date firmware version etc etc.
but i do not know how to add to start interna.

l command of show and then status to get executed automatically
i am having windows 7 and linux list command like ls does not work in window environment, even when i include it in environmental variable.
what i want is just codes to help execute the two commands to get my results
i could get the connection up to the router and then it stops
the command i use in cmd
plink x.x.x.x -l username -pw pword

and i could get to the $ prompt, and i do not know how to add this show and status

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I imagine that, modifying your command, it would be something like this (I cannot verify, since I do not have a Windows computer or VM):
plink -ssh -l username -pw pword x.x.x.x "command1; command2"

But this is not a secure way of doing that. The proper way is to setup public and private keys with a passphrase either by using puttygen or using an existing set of ssh keys and converting them to putty format by using puttygen's import button and then saving it as a .ppk file. You can then store the private key in pageant

If you then add the public key to the authorized_keys file in the .ssh directory of the user on the remote system, then you should be able to use:
plink -ssh -l username x.x.x.x "command1; command2"

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Hi, Scrutinizer, Thank you very much . i will try that code and reply.
I am only talking with my device and could you please give me, how it is insecure.
Moreover , i want to tell you , that i have made sh1 key ,not sh2, to avoid , popping of error message in the process of plilnk command. Each time i have to say y or n to continue.
i tried so much, but only could get to work , by using sh1 mode
My main purpose, is to monitor the router statistics. The password is not default, but assigned by me and it willl be only in the bat file.
Then what is the security risk, if one talks to one own device. i heard telnet is vulnerable, and so , i use putty and ssh mode, default.
I will be very much glad to give thanks to you, but i do not know how to. i will search and then give thanks for a helpful reply.
Can i get the directory list in $ prompt. in windows. please
The creation of public key private key is a cumbersome process and public key contains a kind of unreadbale lines and the instructions to save private key in a separate place ,confusing me too much.
is that much security needed to talk to my router.
When you first configure, even without internet, you could access the router page, by giving the router ip in the browser.
Am i not correct
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is that much security needed to talk to my router.
Yes, of course, because

When you first configure, even without internet, you could access the router page, by giving the router ip in the browser.
Am i not correct
True, but here you are using a private IP and have no connection to Internet yet...
Once you are able to communicate with the open world its a totally new story... Its amazing how fast you see first intrusion attempts
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Hi, thank you.
quite interesting, could you elaborate in amazing fast intrusion efforts.
I mean, will there be set of people, who just tries all the intrusions with their servers to attemtpt the intrusion.
Ok, but why cumbersome process of public key and private key.Already router have change of password and pppoe has a definite password.
how many passphrase one should have. funny but thinkable after your reply.
Is my understanding clear, create public and private key and storing the private key in another program called pageant and protect that key with the password , written manually in a notebook to be preserved and then executing your command at command prompt is very safe.
please confirm and i will change the procedure.
Will that popup once again prompt for sh1 mode vulnerability on every login attempt, if i follow your procedure.
I will try first with your plink command and then change the security level and try

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Hi, i tried the plink command first quoted , but it stops at $. i tried also a single command which also stopped at the $ prompt.
I will try the next one of assigning pub and pri key and try.
but could access withcmd prompt , commands in typing in my system.
I even tried in the Putty configuration Remote command box, which allows you to save those commands

But i enabled sh1 for avoiding the prompt of security warning of using sh1,hel diff something
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Probably delays involved, waits during which it will ignore any transmitted data.

You may need something like the expect tool, which will wait for preprogrammed input before replying with preprogrammed output.
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