Pkgadd issue

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Pkgadd issue

Good Afternoon,
I have 3 video driver packages in a directory that need to be installed. on a SunBlade 2500 running Solaris9. When I try running
pkgadd -d /Recovery/CloneDrivers/SUNWpfbcf

for example, I get
pkgadd: ERROR: no packages were found in </var/spool/pkg>

Permissions are 755, owner is root. I've tried navigating to the directory and then
pkgadd SUNWpfbcf

but get the same error.

Any idea what's happening?

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AFAIR there are two package formats, one is a one-file, and the other is a directory (one can convert to each other with the pkgtrans command).
The one-file package you install with
pkgadd -d /path/to/pkgfile

Your package seems to be the directory format, then it should be
pkgadd -d /Recovery/CloneDrivers SUNWpfbcf

Or just
pkgadd -d /Recovery/CloneDrivers

and it should ask for all (dir-format-)packages in there.

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Thanks!!! This one worked:
pkgadd -d /Recovery/CloneDrivers

It then asked which package I wanted to install (and that all three is the default. Interesting, last year when we hammered out this process, I installed them from the CDROM and I don't recall having to do it this way.
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