Comparing time differences between 2 Solaris servers

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In addition to what Neo said, htpdate is another alternative that works similar to ntpdate. Only difference is it uses TCP rather than UDP and doesn't require ntpd or other services. Once installed you can just use the following as root to sync time:

htpdate -s

I usually have it on a cronjob to run once a day and it works great.
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Originally Posted by Neo
As I recall, have not confirmed, you can use ntpdate on any server to check it's offset relative to another server.

Just run ntpd on all your servers and you can use ntpdate to check all offsets.
Originally Posted by Neo
As I recall, have not confirmed, you can use ntpdate on any server to check it's offset relative to another server.

Just run ntpd on all your servers and you can use ntpdate to check all offsets.
Thanks Neo! NTPDATE allowed me to check on the time difference between 2 servers.

For sharing, the command is

NTPDATE -q (server IP)

Once again many thanks to Neo and Bakunin for your expertise. I'll take your advise to investigate further on the system architecture. Hopefully will be able to resolve this issue.
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