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The find command must stay on the file system, otherwise it would run for *ages*.
Also it's a good idea to search for recently modified files
find / -xdev -type f -size +10000 -mtime -30

BTW often /tmp has filled up, and you can do a quick look there first. (Dito /var/tmp)
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I'd seriously doubt that a university host would run out of its root file system space, not with the IT depts that your normally would expect in such environment - so I'd suspect you're chrooted, and you should search for your own large files.
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thanks for reply.
even after I check a folder is 100% used, I am not sure how to open it and delete any files. Unless they are created by me, I cant say, if they are generated, created by system or someone..

Anyway, just an update. I just found its working now, I think the University admins had done some fix after I sent mail to them. but no information to me, so far.
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