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How Do I FTP System Files to Different Server?

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Old 07-17-2018
Question How Do I FTP System Files to Different Server?

I have a legacy system that is running on SCO OpenServer 5.0.6, and the hardware is becoming a little sketchy. I replaced the hard drive about a year ago, and was able to come back from a tape backup of my entire system. I have been successful with building a VM with VMware Workstation, and I have a clean install of 5.0.6 with 5.0.6a supplements, and I have it operational with LAN access here in our office. I can connect via FTP from the "working" server to the new VM server successfully!

I would like to copy all of the necessary files from the "working" server to the new VM server, so I can avoid having to try an get my ancient tape drive somehow connected and recognized by the new VM server. Last year when I rebuilt to new hard drive, someone on this forum suggested that I restore everything from my tape backup except the /etc/conf directory, and this seemed to get the job done but caused a few error messages to pop up on reboots, etc. I don't mind because the system works for what we need, which is basically to look up historical data stored in the legacy system.

I am relatively unskilled, but I know a little bit about ftp, cp, tar, etc. What would be the best and easiest way to copy all of the necessary system files from my "working" server to the new VM server via ftp? Complete commands would help a lot, if possible, or if there is a better strategy I am open to anything.

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Old 07-18-2018
Well I guess the easy answer is IF you have enough spare disk space on the systems (especially the old system) you could 'cpio' (I prefer to use that on a SCO system) archive the required files, ftp over that cpio archive to the new system, and then restore it onto the new system.

I would think that easier than trying to ftp over individual files en masse.
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Old 07-18-2018
I read the long thread from last year. You could install a DVD writer in the old system, and use Microlite edge to do a backup of the entire system to dvd rather than tape. The only issue may be finding an IDE drive rather than a SATA.
You can then selectively restore the directories or files that you want.
Unless you have different serial numbers on each machine, you will not be able to use rcp.
You could also just restore the application and the directory/files you are absolutely sure you need; start the application then wait for the "file not found" messages.
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Old 07-19-2018
If you have enough free space on both you could use Microlite edge to do a backup to a filesystem, FTP it across, then using edge on the new system do a selective restore.
Although I call it a filesystem it could be a directory on the existing filesystem as long as it is excluded from the backup.
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Old 07-19-2018
Yeah, I think I could find a way to do the copies, but now I realize that I am NOT connecting via FTP. I was seeing the "ftp>" cursor thinking all was good, but when I actually read the connection info it says "login failed" - so I'm back to the same problem I've had before. I can't seem to find any information online, or in the SCO manuals I have that say how to enable the FTP server. The manual mentions some FTP settings in the Internet Configuration using the graphical window, but what I see on the screen doesn't match what I'm reading.

I think I'm down to trying the IDE DVD writer on the old machine, or trying to get the old tape drive working on the VM. I have an adapter to connect the IDE interface of the tape drive to a SATA port in the computer, do you think there is any chance that would work? Also, where can I find the commands to use mkdev and try to install the IDE DVD drive?

I appreciate your help.
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Old 07-19-2018
The ftp server is started automatically.
If you already have a cdrom drive, replacing that with a dvd writer, does not entail any configuration changes assuming you retain the same master/slave jumper settings; otherwise use:
mkdev cdrom
  follow the prompts

To see if the ftp server is running on the vm try:
telnet vm-host-ipaddress 21

you should get something like the following response
 telnet 21
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 unix FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2(11) Thu Dec 22 07:07:30 EST 2005) ready.

530 Please login with USER and PASS.

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Old 07-19-2018
I got the response from the server just as what you have shown in your post, asking me to login with USER and PASS. So, when I enter "USER root" it says that a password is required for root, and so I enter "PASS (my known password)" it says login incorrect. Just for fun I tried "USER anonymous" and it said "Guest login OK, please enter your complete email address as password." So I entered "PASS (my email address)" and it still said login incorrect. Is there any way around this? Can I create an FTP user account somehow on the new VM server? Thanks.

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