How to delete row in csv file on date range?

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How to delete row in csv file on date range?

I want to delete row in csv file , which row value from 2009-10-01 to 2011-06-03 using csv row data look like:

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Mod Comment Please use CODE tags as required by forum rules!

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Welcome to the forum.

Please make sure to comply to our rules, esp. posting in an adequate forum, and using (CODE) tags.

After having added the tags, it can be seen that the data belong to different fields (= columns) separated by spaces. It's usually best to post comprehensive, representative samples along with OS and shell versions and preferred tools - if any.
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How far would
awk -vDTMN="2009-10-01" -vDTMX="2011-06-03" '
BEGIN                   {gsub (/-/, _, DTMN)
                         gsub (/-/, _, DTMX)
                        {T = $1
                         gsub (/-/, _, T)
T < DTMN || T > DTMX
' file

get you?

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Dear RudiC, It works fine but i have too many date rows like 1048576 rows.In this case it's not working when i save file to the new file it remains same.

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Difficult to believe. Post data / samples.
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@RudiC ,here is my data file assss.csv.tar.gz
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Works perfectly for me. Where exactly is your problem?
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