Help me understand this script

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Tools Help me understand this script

#!/bin/awk -f
BEGIN {i=1;file="modified.txt"}

if ($0 !~ /^DS:/) {print $0 >> file} else {
        if ($0 ~ /^DS:/) {print "DS: ",i >> file;if (i==8) {i=1} else {i++}};

END {gzip file}

Can someone explain to me how this above script works, I got it from a friend but not able to understand what is happening inside.
when is do this ./ file.txt This script is changing the DS: * value in the file sequencially from 1to8. But I to like to understand how this script is working.

Thank you in advance!!!
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Please use code tags for code fragments.

Your code is pretty much straightforward:-
# BEGIN Block
        i = 1                           # Initialize i = 1
        file = "modified.txt"           # Initialize file = modified.txt
        if ( $0 !~ /^DS:/ )             # If record does not start with DS:
                print $0 >> file        # Write record to modified.txt
        else                            # If record does start with DS:
                print "DS: ", i >> file # Write DS: i value to modified.txt

        if ( i == 8)                    # If i value == 8
                i = 1                   # Reset i value to 1
        else                            # If i value != 8
                i++                     # Increment i value by 1

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But this is puzzling:
END {gzip file}

It does not do anything
# 4  
Just defines two variables?
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