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Trying to get my computer to boot to CLI

init.d, startup services

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Old 03-21-2018
Trying to get my computer to boot to CLI

I prefer for my computers to boot in the CLI. Back in the day, all you had to do to make this happen (on Debian-based) was edit a line in /etc/default/grub and then run:
sudo update-grub

But for some reason now, more updated (I guess) operating systems won't accept this, you have to manually shut off the init.d associated with the service running. Well, now apparently, that isn't good enough either. I was trying out a new OS when i discovered that chkconfig, systemctl, and update-rc.d ways of altering these services upon start up just reset back to the original setting after reboot. No matter what you do. It's extremely frustrating, someone please help me.
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Old 03-21-2018
What OS are you using?

For some, there is a GUI service that starts and takes over the console. You can disable it and restart. It really depends is the answer, I'm afraid. Tell us the OS and we might be better placed to help.

Kind regards,
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Old 03-21-2018
At the moment I'm using Xubuntu. But I'm also trying to do this on a few other computers; some of them are running OSs like Subgraph, BackBox, Zorin, TinyCore, and Linux Mint. Any help on how to get this to work on any OS will probably help me with another, so any help is helpful lol.
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