Issue navigating GNU Info nodes

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Issue navigating GNU Info nodes

Hello... and thanks in advance for in help anyone can offer me

I'm poking around the GNU Info command... It's a lot different from man pages (Including holding much more information) but I'm having issues navigating it... And it's frustrating the hell out of me!

My problem is when I go to do a search in the top level dir node... If I have to do more than a single search, they all fail on the 2nd search! My first search usually works (Unless there's a typo)... But the 2nd search fails regardless! I've tried to search for this page for things I know are on it... But for some reason the 2nd search always fails.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how to make the search work? I've read through the manual... And I'm not seeing anything about this topic
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Hello Bodisha,

can you explain a little bit more about your search methods, what are you trying to search and where?
if possible post some commands or screen shots of script that you are using.
the explanation you have given is little vague.
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