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Sort by record column, Compare with conditons and export the result

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Old 02-12-2018
Sort by record column, Compare with conditons and export the result


I am new to Unix and would like to seek a help, please.

I have 2 files (file_1 and file_2), I need to perform the following actions.
1 ) Sort the both file by the column 26-36 (which is Invoice number)
what is sort command with the column sort?

2) Compare the file_1.sorted and file_2.sorted. I would like Unix to ignore the difference when the differences are data stamp.
The data stamp is in Record 0010 and Record 2000. (Record ID is in column 92-95)
Date stamp in Record 0010 is in the column 451 -471.
Date stamp in Record 2000 is in the column 356 -385.
My goal is only displays the difference other than the date stamps.
what is the Unix command for the compare?

3) Would like to set nowrap and export the result in text file.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.
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Old 02-13-2018
Welcome to the UNIX & Linux Forums. When starting a new thread in the UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers forum, please always tell us what operating system (including version number) and shell (including version number) you're using.

Please also show us (in CODE tags) short sample file_1 and file_2 input files and the exact output(s) you are trying to produce from those two input files.

The UNIX sort utility is designed to sort fields within a text file where fields are delimited by a string of one or more <space> and <tab> characters or by each occurrence of a specified field delimiter character. If we know what characters are expected in your data file, we might be able to choose a delimiter character that should never appear in your data files and then select offsets within the only field in each line that correspond to the display columns you want to sort.

One might also be able to use awk to process your two input files and produce the output you want without sorting either of your input files, but again we need to know in detail what your input files look like and what output you're trying to produce.
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Old 02-19-2018
hello Usagi,
provide contents of the file you want to process and also tell us a little bit about what you have tried already.
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Old 02-19-2018
1. sort -dib -k26n,36n -o file_1.sorted file_1 
    sort -dib -k26n,36n -o file_2.sorted file_2

2. diff -aib -W222 file_1.sorted  file_2.sorted


option is width limit (max char.) for a line to prevent line wrap

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