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Mount : Device busy

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Old 01-25-2018
Mount : Device busy

 mount -f nfs 1234:/export/ert /der/fr/ert

mount : /der/fr/ert: device busy

normally I will then do an
fuser filesystem

and kill the pids, which I did.

now if I do an
fuser /der/fr/ert

I get the mount point and no pid
> fuser /der/fr/ert

but it still tells me device busy and I can not mount.
no on is in there
I tried to umount , but its not mounted.
I cam mount the remote to /mnt no issues,
what am I missing, why can I not mount the mount point?

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"solved" since I could do nothing no matter what I tired, I deleted the mount point and then recreated it, and then and only then , I was able to mount.

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Old 01-25-2018
You were probably in one of the directories of /der/fr/ert yourself when you issued that mount command.

Do a

# cd /

before you issue the mount command.

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