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Big difference between UNIX systems? Which one as OSX replacement for a developer?

differences, which linux distribution

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Old 12-30-2017
Big difference between UNIX systems? Which one as OSX replacement for a developer?

Hello Everyone

I am a software developer and private OS X user. I was enthusiastic with what I learned about Linux (on my OS X) during the operating system module at school and I am using some of it.
But I may not want to go the Apple way till the end. And OS X is a little too big to run on a NAS, memory stick or as a virtual machine on my workplace to make some well known CL tools available at work.

I am looking for a Linux or any other Unix (like) system like FreeBSD, Solaris, FreeDarvin, ...
I tried to find it myself, but was overwhelmed with the amount of information.

I don't know how much these systems really differ from a bash terminal point of view.I mean between the different Linux distributions and different Unix versions are there big differences in
• names of the commands (ls, find, pwd, pipes, in-output redirection, ...)?
• names of the most command line tools (iptables, grip,...)?
• directory structure?
• placement and form of configuration files?
• e.g is iptables and cronjob real differences between these systems? • would I need a completely different bash script to achieve the same on e.g. Debian and FreeBSD?

Requirement for Unix system as a secondary system:
• nice, comfortable bash terminal which supports split screen, copy & past
• portable, running on most hardware, stable and fast on some
• version for bootable USB-Stick available
• many precompiled packages available per package manager
• simple installation
• available and support long term

Requirements for Unix System as a primary system at home:
• nice and minimalistic GUI
• support of multiple displays
• support somehow Microsoft onenote
• shall support iTunes
• nice backup functionality (close to time machine on mac)
• development with Java (intellij idea, Tomcat,...)
• development of web apps (Apache, NodeJs, Browser Support)
• icloud, Dropbox, google drive,... local

What are your suggestions? Shall I better stay with OSX or are there some other options?
Are there really big differences between Unix Systems?

Best Regards
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Neo (01-04-2018)
# 2  
Old 12-30-2017
You dont say much about your true needs... and software developper is quite vague: what kind? using what language(s) ?
Most commands ( user or man (1)) are the same on all, but syntax can vary...
None have a true backup facility except AIX and HP-UX but I may be wrong there as long time since last time I looked out...
cron implementation can change in linux world...
all share the same directory structure ( / being the root...) but again can vary if you are Unix V... compliant meaning you use /opt and pending /var/opt etc...
The default FS can vary too and you have quite some choice...

What fo you intend to use as a platform?

mx 2 cents.
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Old 12-31-2017
go FreeBSD, because large parts of macos are FreeBSD.
# 4  
Old 01-04-2018
DragonFly BSD and Solaris have incremental backup functionality included.

development is not a topic anymore because it seems that there are problems getting all popular web browsers running on linux/bsd.

I will stay with OSX as private system.
But I would like to do something like Linux/ From Scratch or Arc BSD to have a Unix-y system which I know and control up to 100%.

What can you recommend for this?
# 5  
Old 01-04-2018
So for that I would go with Debian...
# 6  
Old 01-04-2018
I use OSX computers for my two desktop machines and four Ubuntu Linux servers for my servers, one virtual and three dedicated all in remote datacenters.
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