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Old 12-27-2017
Firewall config

I'm having a bit of a problem with a firewall configuration. I'm using GUFW.

When I launch firefox and it goes to my home page (DuckDuckGo), the browser makes several connections. For example, the output of "ss -prtu":
tcp    ESTAB      0      0  users:(("firefox",pid=6371,fd=146))

tcp   ESTAB      0       0  users:(("firefox",pid=6371,fd=98))

As an experiment, I want to block both incoming and outgoing connections in the range I added rules to GUFW and the logs reflect this:

[12/27/2017 03:37:33 AM] Editing rule (Adding): myrule | /usr/sbin/ufw deny out from any to > Rule added

[12/27/2017 03:37:06 AM] Editing rule (Adding): myrule | /usr/sbin/ufw deny in from to any > Rule added

I exited Firefox, then restarted firefox and it went to it's home page as normal. In a terminal, I typed ss -prtu and my firewall commands apparently failed because this comes up:

tcp   ESTAB      0      0                                                users:(("firefox",pid=9687,fd=101))

tcp   ESTAB      0      0                                                 users:(("firefox",pid=9687,fd=6))

tcp   ESTAB      0      0                                                users:(("firefox",pid=9687,fd=94))

tcp   ESTAB      0      0                                                users:(("firefox",pid=9687,fd=95))

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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