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Script not running

date, grep, solved

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# 1  
Old 12-15-2017
Script not running


i have a alarm file mentioned as below

i want to fetch failure detail but script is not working .
kindly let me now where is the mistake
cd /scripts/
DATE=`date "+ %d%m%Y"`
ls -lrt | grep -i "alarm_log.$DATE"
cat alarm_log.$DATE |grep -B 1 "failure"| tail -2 >v1.txt
if [ -s v1.txt ]
echo "sync fail in ${HOSTNAME}
echo "no issue"

# 2  
Old 12-15-2017
Line one may have a leading space.
the directory /scripts may not be accessible.
Line 4 the file alarm.log.$(DATE) might not exist or be readable
Line 8, HOSTNAME is not defined. You probably mean $(hostname)
# 3  
Old 12-15-2017

Can you provide more detail on how exactly the script is not working, please ? Are you getting an error, and if so, what is the full text of the error ? If you are not getting an error as such, then if you could explain exactly what is going wrong, perhaps someone here will be able to assist you further. But either way, we'll need to know what the problem and nature of the failure actually is first.
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Old 12-15-2017

I am getting below error

cat: af02_alarm_log.: No such file or directory
cat: 15122017: No such file or directory
no issue

it seems to me that the line
cat alarm_log.$DATE |grep -B 1 "failure"

is not treating it as a single file but I treating as 2 file.
can anyone help me
# 5  
Old 12-15-2017
The variable DATE has a space in it. You are setting it as DATE=`date "+ %d%m%Y"`
which includes the space after the +

Try using DATE=`date "+%d%m%Y"`
instead. Can you spot the tiny difference? Your shell can, hence the failures.

# 6  
Old 12-17-2017
Originally Posted by scriptor
cat alarm_log.$DATE |grep -B 1 "failure"

Amen to what rbatte1 said. Furthermore the line is a "useless use of cat", as the experts call it. This:

grep -B 1 "failure" "alarm_log.$DATE"

Does the same in less processes and with less taxing the system.

I hope this helps.

# 7  
Old 12-18-2017
thx a lot rbatte1 .
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