Solaris 11 Xscreensaver Matrixview Uninstalled

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Old 12-10-2017
Solaris 11 Xscreensaver Matrixview Uninstalled

First issue beside that is this.

How do you get the screensaver to stay on all the time please?

Maybe it's the monitor going to sleep.

Then the Matrixview says 'Not installed'.

Rest of Xscreensaver choices are there.

I did click around in properties of it.

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Old 12-11-2017
Originally Posted by Solaris User
First issue beside that is this.
First issue beside what is? Should this be a continuation of another thread?
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Old 12-11-2017
My bad. I was referring to the title.Guess I could have said it differently.

Have gotten the monitor to stay on.

Power saving menu is in Screensaver settings

I turned off power saving.

Still have the problem of no Matrixview screensaver.

Happy Holidays!Smilie

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