Remove lines from File.A based on criteria in File.B

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Old 12-01-2017
Remove lines from File.A based on criteria in File.B


I have two files of the following form. I would like to remove from File.A where the first three colum matches values in File.B to give the output in File.C

121	54321	PQR	CAT
122	765431	ABC	DOG
124	98765	ZXY	TIGER
125	86432	GEF	LION

122	765431	ABC
125	86432	GEF

I would like my output to be:
121	54321	PQR	CAT
124	98765	ZXY	TIGER

Thank you for your input!
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Old 12-01-2017
Hello Gussifinknottle,

Could you please try following and let me know if this helps you.
awk 'FNR==NR{a[$1]=$0;next} !($1 in a)' File.B File.A

R. Singh
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Old 12-01-2017
To test for first THREE columns as specified, try
awk '{IX = $1 $2 $3} FNR == NR {T[IX] = $0; next} !(IX in T)' file2 file1

This User Gave Thanks to RudiC For This Post:
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Old 12-01-2017
If it's really as simple as this format and you can be sure that you won't get false matches hiding some of your desired output, would you be okay with a grep command?

Perhaps this will do it for you:-
grep -vf File.B File.A > File.C

I hope that this helps.

Kind regards,
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Old 12-01-2017
Originally Posted by RudiC
To test for first THREE columns as specified, try
awk '{IX = $1 $2 $3} FNR == NR {T[IX] = $0; next} !(IX in T)' file2 file1

Thanks! @RudiC - I tried and it works SmilieSmilie.

@Robin - My data files for the inquiry were for a toy example - the grep does not work (which I tried before posting in the forum)

@R.Singh - I need to test for 3 columns, as @RudiC pointed out.

Thanks all for your input!
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