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How to grep and print portions of a very loooong line of text.?

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Old 10-17-2017
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How to grep and print portions of a very loooong line of text.?


A bit stumped here trying to grep and wanting to display portion of a text

Using the grep below, I am able to find the line containing the string select

 ~]$ srvctl -h | grep -i "select"
Usage: srvctl add service -db <db_unique_name> -service <service_name> {-preferred "<preferred_list>" [-available "<available_list>"] [-tafpolicy {BASIC | NONE | PRECONNECT}] | -serverpool <pool_name> [-cardinality {UNIFORM | SINGLETON}] } [-netnum <network_number>] [-role "[PRIMARY][,PHYSICAL_STANDBY][,LOGICAL_STANDBY][,SNAPSHOT_STANDBY]"] [-policy {AUTOMATIC | MANUAL}] [-notification {TRUE|FALSE}] [-dtp {TRUE|FALSE}] [-clbgoal {SHORT|LONG}] [-rlbgoal {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}] [-failovertype {NONE|SESSION|SELECT|TRANSACTION}] [-failovermethod {NONE|BASIC}] [-failoverretry <failover_retries>] [-failoverdelay <failover_delay>] [-edition <edition>] [-pdb <pluggable_database>] [-global {TRUE|FALSE}] [-maxlag <max_lag_time>] [-sql_translation_profile <sql_translation_profile>] [-commit_outcome {TRUE|FALSE}] [-retention <retention>] [-replay_init_time <replay_initiation_time>] [-session_state {STATIC|DYNAMIC}] [-pqservice <pq_service>] [-pqpool <pq_pool_list>] [-gsmflags <gsm_flags>] [-force] [-eval] [-verbose]
Usage: srvctl modify service -db <db_unique_name> -service <service_name> [-serverpool <pool_name>] [-pqservice <pqsvc_name>] [-pqpool <pq_pool_list>] [-cardinality {UNIFORM | SINGLETON}] [-tafpolicy {BASIC|NONE}] [-role [PRIMARY][,PHYSICAL_STANDBY][,LOGICAL_STANDBY][,SNAPSHOT_STANDBY]] [-policy {AUTOMATIC | MANUAL}][-notification {TRUE|FALSE}] [-dtp {TRUE|FALSE}] [-clbgoal {SHORT|LONG}] [-rlbgoal {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}] [-failovertype {NONE|SESSION|SELECT|TRANSACTION}] [-failovermethod {NONE|BASIC}] [-failoverretry <integer>] [-failoverdelay <integer>] [-edition <edition>] [-pdb <pluggable_database>] [-sql_translation_profile <sql_translation_profile>] [-commit_outcome {TRUE|FALSE}] [-retention <retention>] [-replay_init_time <replay_initiation_time>] [-session_state {STATIC|DYNAMIC}] [-maxlag <max_lag_time>] [-gsmflags <gsm_flags>] [-global_override] [-eval] [-verbose] [-force]

Unfortunately, as the line is so, so long and I am actually just interested in the select option and the -e part that precedes it, can someone please advise how to do that.

So ideally, I am hoping to be able to do a grep and it just shows as below. Seriously hoping there is no -select as I don't want to do if it does have a -select, that is if it have -select 1|2|3

Usage: srvctl add service ... [-failovertype {NONE|SESSION|SELECT|TRANSACTION}]
Usage: srvctl modify service ... [-failovertype {NONE|SESSION|SELECT|TRANSACTION}]

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 10-17-2017
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something along these lines:
srvctl -h |awk -F '[][]' 'toupper($0)~"SELECT"{for(i=1;i<=NF;i=i+2) if (toupper($(i+1))~"SELECT") print substr($0,1,index($0,"-")-1) "["$(i+1)"]"}'

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