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Sleep command did not worked

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Old 08-29-2017
Sleep command did not worked

Hi All,

We have a process which is running for last 2 years well and good in production. But suddenly yesterday there was issue we faced in the process.

The actual process is what it does like below.

1. Receive the files in NAS directory(N/w attached storage).
2. Trigger the process(some.ksh script) one for each file in the NAS directory in gap of 1 second, this is in for do - done loop.

This is running well and good till yesterday but suddenly there were 3 parallel process triggered for 2 files in NAS directory at same time (For ex: 11:30:10 AM). So initial analysis say there is nothing wrong in code which was actually fine but some how the sleep command was not worked.

Is there any thing behind which makes sleep command not to work?
Any comments suggestions will be helpful.

I am using AIX 6.0 version of UNIX server.

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Old 08-29-2017
My crystal ball is a little cloudy this morning. I am unable to see the sleep command in your code that you don't think is working.

Maybe you could show us your code, any logs and diagnostics produced, and explain why you think sleep is failing (and what the symptoms are when sleep fails)???
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Old 08-29-2017
 echo " Calling system_router.ksh"  `date` " <<<<<\n" >>$temp_log 
 nohup /$TLExxxx/scripts/appldata_proc.ksh >/dev/null 2>&1 & 
 sleep 1

Hi Dan here is the piece of code which makes the gap between files in NAS directory.

I am also showing sample log fragments which i feel could help here.

Normal run process start timing:
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Fri	Aug	25	10:29:20	EDT	2017	<<<<<
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Fri	Aug	25	10:29:19	EDT	2017	<<<<<
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Fri	Aug	25	10:29:17	EDT	2017	<<<<<
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Fri	Aug	25	10:29:18	EDT	2017	<<<<<

Problematic run process start timing:
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Mon	Aug	28	10:45:12	EDT	2017	<<<<<
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Mon	Aug	28	10:45:12	EDT	2017	<<<<<
>>>>>	starting	appldata_proc.ksh	Mon	Aug	28	10:45:12	EDT	2017	<<<<<

The application main driver was missing 1 second sleep timing.

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Old 08-29-2017
What you have shown us is a script that writes a timestamp into a log file (which you haven't shown us), starts a process running in the background, sleeps for a second and exits. There is absolutely no indication that the sleep you have shown us should have any effect whatsoever on the behavior of this script.

What is producing the sample log fragments you did show us? Is it coming from appldata_proc.ksh? (It is not coming from the echo in the code you did show us!)

What does the log that you did show us have for several seconds before and after the three lines that show a timestamp of 10:45:12?

Note that there is no reason to believe that a script that is started every second will finish every second. On a busy system, several invocations of appldata_proc.ksh could be running at the same time even if one invocation of appldata_proc.ksh usually runs in much less than a second.
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Old 08-29-2017
And on top of the questions Don already asked: the first line of your appldata_proc.ksh should show which shell you use: Default shell in AIX 6.0 (out of service, btw.) is ksh88 but AIX offers a ksh93 too as /usr/bin/ksh93.

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Old 08-30-2017
Hi All,

The actual issue was found, the issue what happen is these parallel running scripts are sharing a folder in server to pick the corresponding processing files. At that point of time when these scripts were running the server is 100% busy and even when we have sleep 1 in script the scripts became slow and started to run parallel so the when the second process runs it also picked the file names of first process and its own (first process file name was not suppose to be in there at this point of time). So the second process used the first process file name and failed.

We have planned to pass the file name as argument instead of picking up from shared folder.

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Old 08-30-2017
That sounds much more reliable.

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