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Why bind to LiveCD /proc before building initramfs ?

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Old Unix and Linux 08-11-2017   -   Original Discussion by sreyan32
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Originally Posted by Corona688 View Post
Neither. /dev and especially /proc are virtual filesystems, which don't show files but rather imaginary kernel things.

So they're neither livecd, nor your broken system, but something belonging to whatever kernel you're running.

These kernel / device interfaces are pretty hard for a system to do without.

It doesn't so much archive them as use them.
So what you mean is that it does not store any information after the command has been executed, right ? It is just used when the command is executed ?

If I am correct in my above assumption, then could you please give me an example on what that information may be like. Normally, if you need some information to perform an operation, it is required again during another execution of the same operation.

Like if update-initramfs generates using the information from a 3.0x kernel and the actual operating system that will use that is a 2.4x kernel, will that initrd still work ?
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Old Unix and Linux 08-11-2017   -   Original Discussion by sreyan32
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It is certainly not archiving the contents of /proc. It's important that the dir exists and has the right permissions.

It might archive a tiny, minimal portion of /dev - just basic device files like /dev/console necessary for a system to boot.

Mostly, I think, what's happening is tricking it into building it from the given kernel instead of the running one.
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