No init messages display during startup/shutdown

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No init messages display during startup/shutdown

This question is more in the line of how init messages get sent to a console during startup/shutdown. My problem has to do with exporting a VM from AWS to KVM (and a retry on virtual box). I am looking for a understanding on how init messages are sent to a device and what controls them My two servers listed below are Centos. Any help in this understanding would be greatly appreciated. Any additional knowledge on how AWS is modify this would also be appreciated.

I have exported two VM's. Both imports successfully on virtualbox and kvm but one allows you to login (login prompt) and the other never comes to the login prompt. For the VM that allows log in I have edited /default/grub2 and removed silent and added text and regenerated the grub.conf. I also put a exit in the /etc/init.d/netconsole so that it doesn't run. I still dont get any init messages to the console when I reboot. I need to determine how to do this so I can make the changes to a EC2 VM so when I export it again and try to run it in virtualbox and KVM it will list a service that it is getting hung up on. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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runit-init(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     runit-init(8)

init - a UNIX process no 1 SYNOPSIS
init [ 0 | 6 ] DESCRIPTION
runit-init is the first process the kernel starts. If runit-init is started as process no 1, it runs and replaces itself with runit(8). If runit-init is started while the system is up, it must be either called as init 0 or init 6: init 0 tells the Unix process no 1 to shutdown and halt the system. To signal runit(8) the system halt request, runit-init removes all permissions of the file /etc/runit/reboot (chmod 0), and sets the execute by owner permission of the file /etc/runit/stopit (chmod 100). Then a CONT signal is sent to runit(8). init 6 tells the Unix process no 1 to shutdown and reboot the system. To signal runit(8) the system reboot request, runit-init sets the execute by owner permission of the files /etc/runit/reboot and /etc/runit/stopit (chmod 100). Then a CONT signal is sent to runit(8). EXIT CODES
runit-init returns 111 on error, 0 in all other cases. SEE ALSO
runit(8), runsvdir(8), runsvchdir(8), sv(8), runsv(8), chpst(8), utmpset(8), svlogd(8) AUTHOR
Gerrit Pape <> runit-init(8)

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