Extract UNIX data to excel

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Old 06-07-2016
Extract UNIX data to excel


I would like to extract the data from particular date,
1. may i know which command i need to use?
2. Extract from unix command (those extracted above) to excel?

Please assist.

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Old 06-07-2016
Without knowing what data you want to extract, how a datum comes from a date, what date, and what you mean by "Extract from unix command ... to excel" there is little chance that we can help you.

Is this a homework assignment?

If not, give us details about what you are trying to do with sample inputs and corresponding sample outputs, and show us the code that you have written to try to do this on your own.
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Old 06-07-2016

you just save the comma separated output in .CSV file and try to open in windows platform.

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