awk GSUB read field values from multiple text files

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Old 06-05-2016
awk GSUB read field values from multiple text files

My program run without error. The problem I am having.

The program isn't outputting field values with the column headers to file.txt.

Each of the column headers in file.txt has no data.

MEMSIZE  SECOND SASFoundation  Filename

The output results in file.txt should show:

MEMSIZE   SECOND      SASFoundation            Filename
200                                                             LT_5h_MEMSIZE.txt
400          06:00:00       SASFoundation            GT_5hr.txt

I realized the problem is gsub. I don't know enough about gsub to fix this

$1 in L{v=$2;gsub("^[/]*","",v)gsub(/*$/,"",v);gsub(v=$2"^[/]*","",v);K[L[$1]]=v}

The first gsub stored the field value for MEMSIZE and second gsub
stored the field value for real time and the last gsub stored the field
value for SASFoundation. The field values for headers are outputted to file.txt


cd /tmp/log/*.log
awk -F '[= '':;.]' '
function pr() {if(NR>1) printf "%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\n", K[1],K[2],K[3],K[0]}
printf "MEMSIZE\tSECOND\tSASFoundation\tFilename\n"
for(i=split("MEMSIZE ,real time ,SASFoundation",A,",");i;i--) L[A[i]]=i
FNR==1 {
$1 in L {v=$2;gsub("^[/ ]*","",v)gsub(/ *$/,"",v);gsub(v=$2"^[/ ]*","",v);K[L[$1]]=v}
 END{if(K[1] || K[2]>'5:00:00' || K[3]) pr()} *.txt > file.txt
[ -s file.txt ] && mailx -s "subject text" -a  file.txt < "Code Need to be Evaluated"

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Old 06-05-2016
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