Script to find a date variable and increment it

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Old 06-02-2016
Script to find a date variable and increment it


I have parameter file wo_location.prm which has a date variable $last_upd_date= 02032016.

I need to write a unix shell script to find that variable and increment it by 1 day.

The path to the file is root/dir_lc/shared/param/wo_location.prm and the variable is $last_upd_date.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
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Old 06-02-2016
Welcome to the forum.

If you step back a little and look at your first post from a slightly different angle, you will agree that you have not given us TOO much to work with. On top of the usual ones like "What's your OS? shell?" , quite some questions are left open, as
- is THAT the parameter file structure: $variable= value? Sure about the $ sign?
- WHAT is the date format - ddmmyyyy or mmddyyyy? (i.e. WHAT should we increment?)
- is that a task for a script or better done manually?
- how often should it run? year in and year out?
- would it need month and year increment as well, then, and leap years considered?
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Old 06-02-2016
Sorry about that. Here are some more details:

I came across this question in an interview. Needless to say I did not clear it.Smilie

Anyway the parameter file wo_location.prm looks like the following:

$$start_date = 02/02/2016 10:21:25.000000
$$last_upd_date= 02/03/2016 16:25:56.000000

The date format is ddmmyyyy
The script would run when ever we needed to increment the date by one day.
The OS is SUN solaris.


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